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Student Travel with C&G ToursC&G Tours is located in Irwin, PA, approximately 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.  I provide motor coach tours for student educational trips, bands, and sports groups, serving many school districts in the Pittsburgh region, Ohio, West Virginia, and throughout South Western, PA.

Our destinations include a score of cities across the Eastern U.S. and into Canada (Toronto). 

Trips include the historic memorials and Smithsonian museums of Washington D.C., New York's 5th Avenue and Liberty Island, and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.  Of course, that's just the beginning. 

Learn more on our Destinations page, then contact me for an unforgettable travel experience your students will love!

Work Directly with the Owner

At C&G Tours, it's not just about picking a tour package from a catalog.  Beginning in July 2017, I will personally work with each and every one of you to customize one of our exciting travel experiences, or to develop a dream experience - President / CEO,
Chuck Grudowski 

  • Also, beginning in 2020, we will be revising our tour planning process and procedures.
  • We are also reviewing each and every tour escort to ensure that they adhere to our strict standards.

There's only one way to find out how accommodating we can be - contact C&G Tours today.  Find out how easy it is to work with us in making your student travel experience the best that it can be!

Experience Counts

At C&G Tours, we've been providing Student Travel experiences since 1992!  I have over 40 years of student travel experience.  You know you're in good hands with C&G Tours.  We offer Tour Guides, nighttime security, and liability insurance.  Learn more about how we ensure your peace-of-mind on our Parents/Teachers page.

Visit our Testimonials page to experience the enthusiasm of C&G customers.