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Group Travel Videos

Group Travel VideosAt C&G Tours we have a new and exciting travel extra, just for you - Group Travel Videos by PhotoVision, Inc.

What is a Group Travel Video?

While enjoying one of our great student trips, your group uploads photos with PhotoVision, Inc.'s easy to use mobile app or website. 

PhotoVision edits your photos into an exciting travel video, accessible by anyone with your group's username and password.  That means family and friends can follow along with your on-the-road adventures.

Afterward, PhotoVision ships your video DVDs to you as a permanent memento of a great student travel experience!

You can learn more at this Demo Link, or by clicking through the on-page demo below.


Have more questions, please give us a call at 724-864-2141.  A C&G Tours travel advisor will be glad to answer your questions.